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Tour Description

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Travel with us to the enchanting, lush rainforest deep within the beautiful Valley of the Rainbows. Nestled below towering jungle trees, Lyon Arboretum, one of the world's premier botanical gardens awaits you. We provide exclusive, small group, guided tours to this exotic rainforest paradise where 5,000 species of plants bathe in the, fragrant mists produced by over 185 inches of rainfall every year.

As we explore the 200 acre garden, colorful blossoms including bromeliads, hibiscus and orchids surround you while tropical birds sing nearby. Your nature guide will provide information about the garden's interesting history and efforts to save some of the rarest plants in the world.

Traveling through the historic valley you will learn about the fascinating local history and mythology. The ancient, cloud-swept, emerald green hills have witnessed a steady procession of uses on the valley floor, from Hawaiian taro farms, to cattle ranches, coffee plantations and Japanese rice paddies.

We then visit Pu`u `Uala-ka`a located 1,048 feet above Waikiki. From this lofty vantage point you have a breathtaking 180 degree panoramic view of Oahu's scenic southeast coastline and sometimes a glistening double rainbow arching across the Valley of the Rainbows far below.

- This tour is not suitable for children younger than 5 years old
Length of Tour 4 hours
Actual walking time: approximately 1 mile walking in the Arboretum
Trail rating/Difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Tours with this designation might still involve some physical activity such as walking on uneven and/or unpaved roads.
Restrictions: - This tour is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties

Tour start time Tour start time will be scheduled to fit your clients’ itinerary,
taking into consideration the opening hours of the following visited attraction(s):

  Visited Locations Open
  Lyon Arboretum
closed on: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's day, Kuhio Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Kamehameha Day, Independence day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas day
Sunday closed
8:00am 4:00pm

Recommended Timetable
*Departing from WAIKIKI
Start Activity Minutes Restrooms
  8:00 Pick up clients and drive to Arboretum 30 -
  8:30 Visit Lyon Arboretum (escorted hike) 130 yes
  10:40 drive to Puu Uala Ka'a Lookout Point 30 -
  11:10 Visit Puu Uala Ka'a Lookout Point 20 yes
  11:30 drive to Waikiki 30 -
  12:00 drop off at Waikiki - -

Recommended Timetable
*Departing from IHILANI
Start Activity Minutes Restrooms
  9:00 Pick up clients and drive to Arboretum 60 -
  10:00 Visit Lyon Arboretum (escorted hike) 130 yes
  12:10 drive to Puu Uala Ka'a Lookout Point 30 -
  12:40 Visit Puu Uala Ka'a Lookout Point 20 yes
  13:00 drive to Ihilani 60 -
  14:00 drop off at Ihilani - -

  We provide the following (per person):
Admission fee(s): We pay the admission fees to all the visited locations
Beverage: 1 bottle of spring water
Lunch: Optional, for an added cost    Menu options for this tour

Additional Items
To Bring/Wear By Guests:
- We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and walking shoes (tennis shoes or sneakers are best). (* Please note that for your safety and comfort, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, high heels and platforms are not allowed on this hike)

- As we spend about two hours in a rainforest area, guests should be advised to also bring a rainponcho or rain jacket in case of precipitation in the valley.

Pricing options: Guide only,          Guide+Transportation,         Guide+Transportation+Lunch 
Minimum Capacity: 10
Maximum Capacity: 75
Cancellation Policy: A minimum 72-hour advanced notice required for full refund.