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On your way to the picturesque Hawaii Plantation Village, one of the most important historical sites on Oahu, your expert naturalist guide will inform you about the fascinating 2,000 year history of Pearl Harbor beginning with a detailed explanation about the geological formation of Pearl Harbor.

Ancient Hawaiians originally called this historic place “Puuloa” but later they renamed it “Wai Momi” or “The Pearl Waters” because of the beautiful pearls that once flourished here. You will learn about the extensive fishponds that formally dotted Wai Momi’s shores and exciting details regarding the fierce battles between various warring Hawaiian chiefs that occurred in this area. You will hear about the shark goddess Ka’ahupahau who inhabited the aquamarine waters of Pearl Harbor’s three lochs and other interesting mythological tales about the harbor.

Arriving at the colorful plantation village, you will be transported back in time to the early 1900’s where you can walk along a tree lined path and enjoy the interesting homes and witness the lives of Hawaii’s major immigrant groups; who lived and worked on the sugar cane plantations that once flourished in the Pearl Harbor area.

After viewing a traditional Hawaiian hale, thriving Taro fields, and the plantation–era Museum, you will be served a delicious international lunch featuring favorite items from Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Philippine and Portuguese immigrants cuisine.

On your way to Oahu’s only operating railroad, this intriguing look at Pearl Harbor's history continues with details about the first mapping of the entrance to Wai Momi by Master Joseph Widbey in 1793, the famous Spaniard Don Francisco de Marin “the father of Hawaiian agriculture” who once lived on Ford Island; and the early militarization of the harbor prior to WWII.
We now board the Oahu Railway for a unique 90 minute train ride from Ewa to the coast at Kapolei with beautiful ocean views at Kahe point. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery as the conductor provides excellent information about WWII military sites, Oahu railroad history, and the "ghost town" of Gilbert.

After the train ride you can walk around the yard to look at the old locomotives and railway cars on display.

As we take the scenic route to the airport, going past the Arizona memorial and Ford Island, you will be presented with a very detailed account of the attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7,1941 and the history of the harbor during the WWII years up to the present. Many famous movies were filmed at Pearl Harbor and your guide will tell you about Hollywood’s role at this famous place.

*If your group would also like to visit the Arizona Memorial we can add 3.5 hours to this itenerary.

Length of Tour Regular Itinerary - 6 hours
Regular Itinerary + visit the Arizona Memorial - 9.5 hours
Trail length: 0.75 miles
Actual walking time: 1 hour ( = 'combined walking time including all stops')
Trail rating/Difficulty: Easy
Restrictions: none
* but guests should be capable of walking 0.75 miles on flat surface.

Tour start time Tour start time will be scheduled to fit your clients’ itinerary,
taking into consideration the opening hours of the following visited attraction(s):
  Visited Location Open
  Hawaii Plantation Village Mon-Fri 9:00am 3:00pm
    Saturday 10:00am 3:00pm
    Sunday By spec. arrangement only
  Hawaii Railway Daily By spec. arrangement only

Tour Timetable / Stops Time Activity Restroom  
  0:00 depart from pick-up location
and drive to Hawaii Plantation Village
  0:30 arrive to Hawaii Plantation Village
(90 minute tour of the village )
  2:00 Lunch at Hawaii Plantation Village Yes  
  2:30 depart from Hawaii Plantation Village    
  3:00 arrive to Hawaii Railway
and enjoy a 90-minute train ride
  4:30 Explore train yard and museum Yes  
  5:00 depart from Hawaii Railway
and drive past Pearl Harbor (no stop)
  6:00 Arrive back to drop-off location    
*If your group would also like to visit the Arizona Memorial we can add 3.5 hours to this itenerary.

  Oahu Nature Tours provides per person:
Admission fee(s): ONT pays the admission fee to all visited locations
Beverage: 1 bottle of spring water
Lunch: Optional, for an added cost
Other:  --

Additional Items
To Bring/Wear By Guests:
We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes (tennis shoes).

Price: *Listed tour price includes the international-style lunch, and the admission fees to the Hawaii Plantation Village and the Hawaiian Railway.

**If your group would also like to visit the Arizona Memorial we can add 3.5 hours to this itenerary.
Minimum Capacity: 25
Maximum Capacity: 100
Cancellation Policy: A minimum 48-hour advanced notice required for full refund.

  Vehicle Information (If Transportation is Requested)
Type of Vehicle used: Bus Capacity Restroom on Bus Wheelchair Access A/C P/A
Motorcoach 53 none No Yes Yes
Minicoach: 25 none No Yes Yes

Insurance Information: Copy of Insurance Certificate can be sent to your address
Payment terms: Invoice Net 30 Days

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