Tour Title XXX Adventure
Tour Description

Photos of this tour

Length of Tour XXX hours
Trail length: XXX miles
actual walking time: XXX hour (combined walking time including all stops)
Trail rating/Difficulty: XXX
*Tours with this designation involve some physical activity such as walking over uneven / unpaved surfaces, climbing stairs or mildly steep terrain.
Restrictions: This tour is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties.
*(Guests should be capable of walking 0.7 miles mild uphill.)

Tour start time Tour start time will be scheduled to fit your clients’ itinerary,
taking into consideration the opening hours of the following visited attraction(s):
  Visited Location Open
  Hawaii Plantation Village Daily 9:00am 3:00pm
    ***Sat 10:00am 3:00pm
    ***Sunday By spec. arrangement only
  Hawaii Railway Daily By spec. arrangement only

Tour Timetable / Stops Time Activity Restroom  
  0:00 depart from pick-up location    
  0:00 depart from arrive to Restroom  
  0:00 arrive back to drop-off location    

  Oahu Nature Tours provides per person:
Admission fee(s): ONT pays the admission fee to all visited locations
Beverage: 1 bottle of spring water
Lunch: Optional, for an added cost
Other:  --

Additional Items
To Bring/Wear By Guests:
We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes (tennis shoes).

Minimum Capacity: 25
Maximum Capacity: 100
Cancellation Policy: A minimum 48-hour advanced notice required for full refund.

  Vehicle Information (If Transportation is Requested)
Type of Vehicle used: Bus Capacity Restroom on Bus Wheelchair Access A/C P/A
Motorcoach 53 none No Yes Yes
Minicoach: 25 none No Yes Yes

Insurance Information: Copy of Insurance Certificate can be sent to your address
Payment terms: Invoice Net 30 Days

Contacts: Michael Walther or Tori Kobayashi
Phone: 924-2473
Fax: 924-5395